Buckstop Bumpers for Fire, Emergency, & Law Enforcement

As a trusted manufacturer of custom engineered durable bumpers, Buckstop Truckware holds a prominent position in the fire, emergency, and law enforcement market.

Working with local departments and divisions, upfitters, and OEM manufacturers, we produce heavy-duty replacement front and rear bumpers for light and medium duty trucks, SUVs, and vans. Each unit is highly engineered for a perfect fit every time with construction that will withstand the most demanding situations.

Buckstop Bumper Applications

We design and manufacture (100% in-house) custom bumpers for a variety of vehicle applications, capable of handling difficult emergency situations. Reach out to discuss bumper options for any of the following applications:

  • Fire Truck / Engine Bumpers
  • Brushtruck Bumpers
  • Ambulance Bumpers
  • Wildland Truck Bumpers
  • Utility Vehicle Bumpers

Buckstop offers several models of bumpers for a variety of vehicles for fire, emergency, and law enforcement— from brush bumpers for off-road fire trucks to durable ambulance bumpers, our experienced engineers can design the perfect bumpers for your department fleet.

Custom Siren & Lighting Placement

Our in-house design, experienced engineers, and efficient manufacturing allows us to completely customize bumpers to fit the needs of your department or division.

We are able to account for one-off siren and light mounting placement, as well as fit bumpers for complete OEM products. Our team of engineers will work with your applications designers to develop perfect solutions.

Combine With Single Wheel Conversion

Our fire, emergency, and law enforcement bumpers can also be designed to work in combination with our single wheel conversion kits for further enhanced off-road performance.

Buckstop wheel conversion kits eliminate dual rear wheels (DRW), replacing them with single tires. This process boosts off-road traction and functionality without compromising weight carrying capacity.

To prepare your vehicles to operate efficiently in tough, off-road conditions during emergency situations, talk with us about combining custom bumpers with wheel conversion!

Order Buckstop Bumpers for Your Department / Division

Our in-house engineers will work with you to design and manufacture heavy duty bumpers that you can trust during emergency situations.

Call us today to discuss bumper options for your vehicles.