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Rear Tire Carriers

--- Rear Tire Carriers ---

Buckstop Rear Tire Carriers

The Buckstop Rear Tire Carrier is a Heavy-Duty Duty Bumper derived from Reunel concepts that completely replace the OEM tow package. The bumper includes substantial Frame Mount attachment with 1/2" thick mounting brackets and anti-rotational supports extending under the frame rails.

Tire carriers apply a great amount of torque to the rear bumper and this bumper is up to the challenge! Ground clearance and departure angle are increased due to the built-in hitch and elimination of the low-hanging OEM hitch. The latching mechanism is very sophisticated so as to allow true one-hand operation.

Opening the swing-out is as simple as grabbing the handle and pulling. Closing is simpler yet - simply slam it shut like a door. The latching mechanism is fully adjustable so that over time and wear, it will always operate as new. The spindle pivot is a silky-smooth roller bearing.

Additionally, the entire arm assembly can be removed and stored for the off-season without opening up the greasy bearings. A cap is provided to cover the spindle opening in the bumper for a clean, finished look.

"BUCKSTOP – no compromises"