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LiquidSpring Suspension
LiquidSpring Suspension
LiquidSpring Suspension
LiquidSpring Suspension

--- LiquidSpring Suspension ---


LiquidSpring is a computer controlled Active Suspension System that receives inputs from the road, analyzes, and makes instantaneous changes to spring rates. It provides a soft ride when there are minimal road events and only when necessary increases ride stiffness.

The overall experience is a CADILLAC RIDE WITH SPORTS CAR HANDLING! It removes the jarring empty-dump-truck ride of a stiffly sprung high payload vehicle and also removes the white-knuckle driving experience associated with top-heavy vehicles in cornering and wind events.

INSTALLATION at Buckstop Truckware in Oregon and Texas.

Price varies by chassis and application ranging from $23,000 to $26,000.

Key Features of LiquidSpring Suspension

WHY – LiquidSpring suspension improves the driving experience, is more safe, and handles the need for different suspension set-ups in vehicles with changing in payloads.

DRIVING IS EASIER - The onboard computer, to a degree, does the thinking for the driver and reacts to the road before the driver is even aware of the event. The driver has less to worry about because the handling of the vehicle is constantly adjusting to driving conditions. LIQUIDSPRING DOES THE THINKING.

LEVEL STANCE – No matter how much or how little payload, LiquidSpring suspension always rides at the same height. The base-line pressure of the system is adjusted by pumping in more or less fluid. LIQUIDSPRING CONTROLS SAG.

TALL VEHICLES – Vehicles with a high center of gravity or vehicles with a large side surface that are affected by wind are prone to intense swaying. Traditionally, this is handled with sway bars and overload springs. The problem is that those systems tend to make the ride stiffer in normal driving conditions and reduce flexibility offroad. LIQUIDSPRING CONTROLS THE SWAY.

CAMPERS AND HOUSES – With LiquidSpring, the vehicle is literally supported on fluid. There are NO steel to hard rubber contact points - they are all pulled off and thrown out. As a result, the rear of the coach is much calmer. Before LiquidSpring, clothes would bounce out of the closet and the microwave would slowly fall out of the cabinet! - LIQUIDSPRING REDUCES VIBRATION AND MAKES A CALM HOUSE.

VEHICLES THAT HAUL – Vehicles with a variable payload such as Slide-in Campers, Heavy Towing, Busses, and Fire Trucks laden with water where the truck often changes from very heavy to relatively light require an adaptable suspension system. Traditionally, this is handled with overload springs and/or air bags. While these are capable of getting close to a good ride in two unique load scenarios, they are neither smart nor infinite. LiquidSpring changes for any load scenario while also offering the benefits of actively changing to road conditions. LIQUIDSPRING IS INFINITE.

LOWER WORKING HEIGHT – The operator may lower or raise the working height of the vehicle. With a press of a button, the vehicle will drop up to 4". This is great for working out of the back of a truck or backing under a camper or trailer to pick it up - and, by the way, the suspension is fully capable of picking up the trailer or camper! Egress and ingress is easier in ambulance, camper, or motorcoach applications. High height is useful when additional clearance is needed off-road. LIQUIDSPRING LOWERS DOWN.

OFF-ROAD - At low speeds, the system allows full flexibility and agility. Controls that normally stiffen spring action are minimized so that the struts have free action and axles are able to flex under the frame.

WHO – LiquidSpring holds 15 patents, has outfitted over 20,000 vehicles, and owns the ambulance market with its suspension on 97% of Type 1 ambulances in the U.S.. Manufacturing headquarters are in Indiana with extensive engineering, manufacturing, and installation staffing.

HOW – LiquidSpring suspension rides on compressible liquid. As impossible as it sounds, the fluid exhibits 6% compressibility. On each corner of the vehicle, there is a strut and reservoir system. As driving action adds weight, the strut compresses the fluid resulting spring action.

The computer algorithm receives speed, steering, braking, and load inputs from the road, analyzes the inputs, and sends instructions to each corner of the vehicle.

Through valve action, the amount of fluid active in the system is instantaneously adjusted.

More fluid, more to compress, softer ride.
Less fluid, less to compress, stiffer ride.


  "CLASS A" COACH - PLEASE CALL 503-341-3322 for details and price quote.

  ALL OTHER VEHICLES - Information is available on this website by searching Chassis Make, Year, and Model.

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