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Our bumpers are getting a lot of attention in the trucking world and satisfaction from their owners. Here’s some comments from BUCKSTOP owners. Try clicking the pictures for an enlarged version.

Want to send us some comments and/or photos of your rig? Click here to send us an email. We’re always happy to hear about your experience!

Dorian, Thanks for the Excellent product of your bumper. My one ton Chevy looks GREAT with the EXCELLENT BUMPER. After one year restoring this truck here is the final product - see attached pictures. Feel free to use the pictures in your website...

Sincerely, BREWER

After almost a year of searching Google for bumpers and going back and forth between design and price, I finally decided to pull the trigger in December 2012 just before the Holidays. Chris from Buckstop took my order over the phone and told me with the Holidays I would see the bumper on the week of January 7th 2013. I received it on the 8th and couldn’t be happier. Installing the winch, the lights and mounting it on the truck took less than two hours and was a perfect fit with no unsightly gaps or issues. I have received nothing but compliments and five months later the bumper still looks showroom new. All of my future vehicles will have a Buckstop bumper.

Thanks Again
Michael Whalen
2nd Assistant Chief
Island Park Fire Department

I want to thank you all at Buckstop Truckware for making the fantastic bumper and grille guard set that I have mounted on my 1997 Chevy Suburban. It looks great, and I’ve received numerous compliments on it. Doing volunteer storm recovery work mandated that I have a winch on the truck. Having deer in my area mandated something strong. Having mechanics constantly knocking my lights out of alignment, and wanting something that looked good, mandated a Buckstop. Nothing else on the market is as good looking in my opinion, and this is the only brand I know of, that the top half bolts on, making service easier. There are other brands, but I’m a Buckstop fan for life.

For potential customers: I added adhesive backed chrome material, like can be found at most auto parts stores for people to put on their lower rocker panels in the light pockets, and sealed the edges with clear nail polish. I did this partially for looks, but also to help transmit the light better. Buckstop used to offer chrome on these parts, however, for various reasons, discontinued that option. This is an easy DIY option for those that want that look. Minor smoothing of the powder coat was necessary to apply the chrome material in my case. Additionally, I found the light mounting brackets for the 4″ lights to be perfect to mount my flood lights on the roof rack with track bolts. If you have a roof rack you want to put lights on, they work great.

Scott Whiting
Morristown, TN

What a great product from a great American company! I could not be happier with how this bumper looks on my new truck! The construction, the finish, the lines and the way it fits my truck – AWESOME!!!!!

When I saw it online I thought, “Those look pretty cool,” but when I saw it in person, and could really appreciate the high quality of the product – I LOVE IT! The amount of comments I get on it is crazy! People love talking about how tough it looks and how they feel sorry for anything / anyone that bumper hits.

The PIAA lights look and work awesome! And I used my 12,000 Warn Powerplant winch to help pull down some trees that were blocking our veiw! Works great!

I spent a lot of time looking for the right bumper, and frankly, nothing out there comes close to a Buckstop!!

Thanks for a great product and a great buying experience!

Brian C., Edgewood, WA

Best Bumper hands down

Dave Yonkings

Hey there, we just wanted to share a photo of our new brush rigs with the custom bumpers you guys made for us. Well done, and the bumpers look and work great! We are very happy with the work your company did.

Forest Grove Fire & Rescue

Just a quick note about your bumpers: awesome.

Of the one’s we’ve installed with Truck Supply, your bumper fit the best and was the best thought out. Everything fit perfect and every nut and bolt was there. The light mounting brackets were a nice touch; makes it easy to fit just about any light and the PIAAs looks sharp.

I’ll send more photos when I get a break from production of this June issue.

Bruce W. Smith
Editor, ProPickup

First of all, I want to say the customer service from these guys is great. A few months ago, I spoke with Chris about options and pricing. He was very helpful and knowledgeable about the product, what lights/winches fit and what won’t. I had not seen the product in person, so I hesitated. I saw they were offering a promotional $95 shipping rate in December and decided to pull the trigger since that would pay for the custom powder coat. I called back and Stephanie took my order... Read the rest at

As a senior, I research, research, research. If there is anything that I consider a substantial purchase I do my homework. I looked and looked at every bumper I could find in magazines, on-line and at accessory outlets.

My criteria is getting my money’s worth and feeling that I have gotten a quality product. Buckstop fulfilled everything and then some. Materials, workmanship, attention to detail...everything is there.

As an old guy that has been around, I can say without a doubt, everything from getting important questions answered forthrightly, excellent delivery service, immediate technical help and the friendly office assistance could not have been better!

Could not be happier, and whats-more I feel like I got every single penny’s worth.

Jim Moulton Avinger, Texas

I’ve had this bumper for almost a year now and I couldn’t be happier. Not only does it look amazing, but it also saved my front end when I slid off a trail and took out three trees. Barely even a scratch! I’ll be looking forward to having a matching rear bumper soon.

Jaryd Paul Meenach

I have a request….I put a Buckstop bumper on my 2001 Dodge in 2008, I have since hit three mule deer and an elk. Neither the bumper or the truck have a scratch, but, could you guys start building an accessory front license plate frame? This bumper just slams the critters to the ground, but they keep bending my license plate!!! Best investment I have ever made on this truck. Thanks!

David Bowers

Great Bumper, Great Fit, Great Stlyling, Great Quality! What more can I say, other than I am constantly getting compliments about the bumper. Thanks alot, I couldn’t ask for a better product for an offroading machine! This bumper has stood up to some abuse – from the snow and trails up in the mountains in Montana, to the sand and salt at the beach and the mud holes in Virginia, the deer the trees and the other misc. things this thing has knocked over or pushed out the way it has protected my truck and still looks as good as the day I got it!

Thanks again,
Matt (VA)

After receiving second to none service from Buckstop I am 110% satisfied with your product. I repair just about anything where ever it breaks down so my truck has to go to where the work needs to be done. Hauling a 18,000 Lb truck through the mud is not an easy life for a winch bumper. Buckstop makes a first class product all the way, great looks and very functional. Without a doubt this bumper will stand up to any Deer hit, and I’m sure it will take just about any Moose hit as well. A great company and a great reputation. Thanks for making my life a little easier. Attached are pictures, one where the beast works, and a few of the rare times she is on pavement hanging with the Hornets.

Mark McKellar
Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada

Well Its been almost a year since I put the Buckstop bumpers on my second truck. Still Impressed with them. I have to share with you my experience last week-end. I was headed home at 11.00 at night. About 60 miles from home. I had a deer jump out in front of me. I never had a chance to hit the brakes till after. I had the cruise set at 70 at the time. The deer was dead before it hit the ground. The truck, nothing not a scratch, dent, nothing. The only thing it did was clean the dirt of the bumper. Awesome bumper, Thanks again.

Doug Cramer
06 Ram Baja front and rear
99 Ram Baja front

Just letting you all know that I’m well pleased with my new bumper. As I told you before I have had 8 insurance claims in the last 2 years due to deer. I have already saved my insurance company a new bumper last month. Here are a couple of photos.

Clarksville, MO

I bought this bumper after taking an 8 point whitetail in the grill of my Super Duty which folded the stock bumper in half like a suitcase. Once I decided that I would not put another stock bumper on I found BUCKSTOP… The bumper is rock solid and an awesome investment for protecting your truck and gives any truck that “rowdy” look. Thanks for a well crafted product!

JM Herman
Bates City, Missouri

I just picked up my bumper today, popped open the box and basked in the glory of the holy grail of bumper construction. Your product not only met but far exceeded any expectations I had. I will never buy a bumper from any other company period! Thanks for building a product that is far superior to all others.

Matt Havens, owner
Havens Landscape Services

Finally got the chance to mount my new bumper and it fit like a glove and man does it look great!!!!!! I had looked at a few other bumpers before I purchased a BUCKSTOP and I am SOOOO glad that I did !!!!!!! it’s beautiful!!!!!

Robert – 05 Ford,
New Jersey

I just received my Steel Grey Powder Coated BuckStop Bumper this afternoon for my Dodge Ram 3500. All that I can say, aside from the shipping/receiving guy being a little upset with me, is that you build the best bumper that I have seen! I belong to the TDR as well as a local chapter in San Jose, so I have seen almost all of the main brands! The quality is exceptional and I found zero flaws in the powder coating as well (applaud the vender that you use and the packer). All corners and edges were smooth and well shaped. I look forward to dropping in my new Warn M15000 and giving it the “true” test! You obviously have the tooling and knowledge to produce a superior accessory (from what I now admit) at an extraordinary low price! Though, due to an extremely busy schedule, I probably won’t get it installed within the next couple of weeks, I truly look forward to seeing it on my truck.

I plan to take many pictures of the install and giving you some very positive feedback at the TDR.

Thanks again for a quality product.

David Dressler
"Satisfied BuckStop Customer and Engineer"
Felton, CA

Once again I would like to thank you for an exceptional product! I finally finished my installation complete with the Warn M15000 winch. I will be posting pictures over at the TDR when I get the chance to pass on the word of a great product! Thank you.

David Dressler

Your product is one of the few things in todays world that I find to live up to my expectations. I usually seem disappointed after actually buying and or using a lot of things these days, but your product has not been lacking in any way, thanks for putting out a quality product at a reasonable price.

Stuart A. Johnson

The fit of the bumper was amazing instalation was a breaze and the craftsmanship of the bumper is awsome. Keep up the good work!


I was planning out what company I would use for my replacement winch bumper. I had checked out all of the well-known manufacturers, but after doing a Google search on “Heavy Duty Winch Bumpers”, I ran across a manufacturer I had never heard of – Buckstop. After exchanging emails with Dorian at Buckstop, I had made up my mind that this would be the supplier of my new bumper. After comparing construction, features, and cost, there was no contest. Buckstop sells fully loaded winch bumpers for much less than what you would pay for a bare-bones Reunel or RoadArmor.

I received my bumper last week and installed it in short order. Looks great! I’m very, very impressed with the quality of the bumper and it’s accessories as well as the packaging and hardware.

Thanks again,

Jeff Lawhon
Irving, Texas

Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent product, very easy to install (used a cycle lift for front bumper) very durable (pushed over 2 pines about 6″-8″ in diameter on private land) no damage to bumpers at all pulled several vehicles out of mud and pushed 2 jeeps. I have given your web address to several people and when they say it cost an awful lot all I have to say is you get what you pay for. This is a serious bumper for heavy duty applications.

Thanks again,
Tod Wells

Just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with my bumper! It looks great on my new truck. I installed it on a 2003 Chevrolet 2500HD 4×4. Some friends helped me and we had it completed in about 4 hours. If I know anyone interested in buying your bumper I sure will give them your number. Thank you for making a great product.

Chris Ogburn
Lewisville, NC

FROM TDR Discussion Group:

Just throwing in my two cents. I have had a Buckstop on the front of my truck for about nine months. It has a 15K Warn in it. I have been extremely happy with this bumper. I ran a Ruenel before on a PSD. This bumper is every bit as nice and is about 100lbs lighter. I do have a leveling kit on the front. I would jump on any kind of discount if at all interested in these. They are well worth it. I swallowed a hill country 6 point about 2 weeks ago…no damage whatsoever. It knocked one of my lights askew that I have mounted on the top…but that was it. I have used the winch several times with no ill effects on the bumper. Great product…. and no I have no interest whatsoever in the Company…CJ

I just wanted to e-mail and let you know the bumper is the best thing ive ever bought and installing this thing was a snap. I had the face ryno lined (charcoal) and the top Painted white It really looks great. Thanks!!!!!!!

Bob Kile

FROM TDR Discussion Group:

Unbelievable – I’ve had my front Buckstop bumper (read earlier post) on my truck for exactly 15 days and already got in an accident. The good news for me is that I didn’t even get a scratch – the bad news for the other driver is that her Cavalier is most likely totaled!

Driving in town today she was in the left lane in front of me (by about two feet – I was in the right lane) and decides that she has to get into that parking lot RIGHT there on the right. Locked up her tires and swerved across my lane. I locked mine up too but of course my 7500 lb truck wasn’t going to slow quite as fast! I hit the right rear corner of her car with the left outside part of my bumper (she was turned about 30 degrees towards the side). Slammed her car 90 degrees to the side perpendicular to my truck – the whole center section of my bumper was pressed into the side of her car. I could just see the WIDE whites of her eyes over the hood and through the window opening (the window was now gone).

After getting out I checked to make sure she was ok which she was then got the two vehicles off the road. Then I looked at my truck and to my elation there wasn’t even a scratch on the bumper! Just one small black mark on it that I was able to wipe off with my thumb. The rear bumper of her cavalier was hanging from the left side of the car and the entire right side was demolished. A couple of witnesses stopped and the cops got there in a few minutes. They asked what had happened and we and the witnesses told them. You could see the black streaks in the road to show exactly what happened. They looked at her car and then asked where the other vehicle that was involved was. I pointed to my truck. They said “no really, where’s the other vehicle”. I told them again and they started laughing! Then they told me I was free to go – didn’t even take my name because they said I wasn’t at fault at all and since I had no damage and we’re in a no fault state that I didn’t need to be involved. MAN do I like this bumper!!!

Steve St. Laurent
Moderator, Webmaster for