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Single Wheel Conversions
Single Wheel Conversions
Single Wheel Conversions
Single Wheel Conversions
Single Wheel Conversions
Single Wheel Conversions

--- Single Wheel Conversions ---

Buckstop Single Wheel Conversion Kit

* From Fire Truck Upfits to OE Production to DIY Roamers, Buckstop is here to consult and guide you through the process. *

Now manufacturing precision FORGED DOT Compliant Wheels 100% Made in USA

Soft terrain, heavy trucks, and stiff, narrow tires is a sinking combination!

Improve your functionality by converting your dually to a single wheel for optimal performance. Super single wheels offer greater off-road traction and performance without compromising weight carrying capacity of your Ford or Dodge truck.

Single Wheel, Single Source

Buckstop Single Wheel Conversion Kits provide every component needed to fully convert from dually to single wheel – no need to shop for additional parts. Each component of the kit is functionally integrated with the next to provide optimal performance in one package.

Integration – from the suspension to the cut-out fender flares to the extra wide bumper to the super single wheels— Buckstop Single Wheel Conversion Kits are carefully designed to attain all functional needs.



2023-Current F450/F550 CAB CHASSIS
2023-Current F450 PICKUP
2017-2022 F450/F550 CAB CHASSIS
2017-2022 F450 PICKUP
2011-2016 F450/F550
2008-2010 F450/F550
2005-2007 F450/F450
1999-2004 F450-F550


2019-2024 Ram 4500/5500
2010-2018 Ram 4500/5500


The primary intent of the Buckstop Kit is to improve off-road performance in terms of traction and suspension and configure the truck to work as a stand-alone Fire Brush Truck or Overland Camper. Buckstop trucks will be loaded in the 14,000lb to 19,500lb GVW range, will see limited miles per year, and will not perform heavy towing.

The engineering design parameters are limited by available tire sizes for the weight capacity and OE front and rear axle widths. The kit is designed on those foundational elements with a desire for minimal additional changes. Buckstop has found the optimal suspension lift to be 3-1/2″ at full weight load, full articulation, and full turning. Front fender flares are roughly 8″ wide to provide coverage over the entire tire similar to OE fender designs. All in all, it’s the best balance.

Convert Your Dually to Single Wheel

Super singles for pickup trucks will boost your off-road capabilities. Discover how our comprehensive wheel conversion kits include absolutely everything you need to complete your DRW to SRW conversion.

Buckstop Kit Features

Technical Discussion


41” tires and 10,000lb payload are the fundamental elements of the Single Wheel Conversion. At Buckstop, the chassis is fully loaded with 10,000 lbs and subjected to extreme articulation and turning conditions to determine suspension and body modifications required for tire clearance.


Key components of the Buckstop Suspension Kit are replacement Radius Arms, Coils Springs, and Heavy-duty Track Bar Mount. These pieces maintain proper, original steering geometry. Performance is enhanced with Buckstop’s Heavy Duty track bar mount fabricated from 3/8” steel. INCLUDED WITH BASE KIT.


In order to neatly fit the monster 41” tires under the body, the internal frame, fender, and body require cutting and trimming. Buckstop’s uniquely designed 8” wide fender flares are a special part of the puzzle that cover the cut-out portions of the body and also completely cover the tire from road spray. The flare is a one-piece design including a return inner wheel liner that integrates with the OE liner. Behind the headlight, a major piece of the inner frame structure must be removed for tire clearance. Buckstop provides a replacement structure that bolts into place allowing room for the tire – no welding required. INCLUDED WITH BASE KIT.


Rear axle capacities approaching 14,000lbs require tire capacity up to 7,000lbs each. The 335/80R20 is the most well suited tire to the load range and Brush Truck operational conditions. They include ALL of these features:

  • Radial design for optimal handling and wear
  • On-road/Off-road traction tread design
  • Ideal tread-width footprint
  • Ability to be aired down to match the load and/or operate at ultra-low air pressure for extreme traction

Alternatively, traditional 19.5” tires do not offer effective off-road performance. They require a stiff 70psi to 110psi regardless of load, are narrow tread-width, and are not available with a satisfactory off-road traction tread.

Buckstop recommends the Continental MPT81 tire. It is a “military” style radial tire with excellent handling characteristics under load and noise level comparable to a light truck mud tire. Max speed is rated at 68mph under maximum load (6780lbs) and air pressure.



The front axle on a Dual Rear Wheel truck is roughly 12” wider than the rear axle. A proper Single Wheel Conversion requires that the tires track front to rear, therefore, the wheels or wheel mounts must compensate for the different axle widths.

There are two methods of making up the axle width difference: first, with wheel spacers, and second, with specialty wheels. Wheel spacers are large machined parts that bolt to the wheel studs of the axle. The outside face of the spacer has a second set of studs and creates a new wheel mounting surface at a width equal to the front axle. The problem is not only the expense of the spacer, but adding more components and more bolts adds more potential for failure. The second method of making the front and rear tires track is to use a wheel designed with offsets such that the front can me mounted dished inwards and the same wheel can be mounted on the rear dished outwards.

ALUMINUM DOT Compliant Two-piece Beadlock

D.O.T. CERTIFIED BEADLOCK – Buckstop is proud to offer the WORLD’S BEST two piece, beadlock aluminum wheel. These wheels are brand new, top quality and designed for military and armored vehicle applications around the globe. The internal bead-lock is an integral component of the wheel and tire safety ensuring that the tire will not dismount in the event of a puncture. This is a top-notch wheel choice – none better.

STEEL Single Piece

Buckstop manufactures a single piece steel wheel that requires no extra bolt flanges, no wheel spacers, and no additional bolts. It is a simple, effective option for the Single Wheel Conversion. The wheels can be installed dished in or dished out and “flip” from front to rear. Tires can easily be rotated front to rear for even wear without dismounting the tire from the rim.

ZERO FAILURES – Not all wheels are built the same – Buckstop steel wheels have been in the field over 20 years with ZERO failures. Steel is the most common material for wheel construction and is standard issue on your Ford or Ram truck. Buckstop wheels are built on a custom rim hoop that is derived from an earthmover wheel rated at 14,000lb weight capacity. Proper construction design, weld technique, and material selection ensure wheel strength and longevity.



Choice of axle gear ratio is a matter of vehicle application contingent on load weight and duty-cycle. Low gear ratios are used in vehicles to overcome a lack of torque from the engine and lack of strength in the transmission. A weaker drive train requires lower gear ratios. As today’s diesel engines produce more and more torque and transmissions improve, gear ratios are decreasing. A rear end ratio of 3.31:1 is now available for a diesel engine truck capable of a Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating (GCWR) of 25,700lbs. This includes the truck, payload, and trailer. A less tangible factor is the duty-cycle of the vehicle. An F250 that tows a travel trailer 500 miles a year is far different from a work-truck that operates 12 to 24 hours per day loaded to full capacity. Lower gear ratios reduce strain on the system and increase longevity in heavy use, high mile vehicles.

Engineers for F550 and Ram 5500 trucks have determined that a 4.88:1 gear ratio is ideal for the heaviest duty work trucks. They are designed to be busses, tow trucks, moving vans, utility trucks, dump trucks, heavy-haulers, etc. covering many miles a year hauling heavy loads. The Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating (GCWR) of a 2019 F550 is 40,000lbs all day, every day.

Considerations for selecting the best gear ratio: An F550 with 4.88:1 axle ratio on Single Wheel Conversion 41″ tires has an equivalent ratio of 3.94:1.

  • A Brush Truck or Camper will weigh 19,500lbs at maximum load – half the GCWR of a fully laden F550 and 6,000lbs less than GCWR of an F250 with 3.31:1 gears.
  • A 3.94:1 ratio is between the common 3.73 and 4.10 ratios with 31,000lb and 32,000lb GCWR respectively.

Conclusion: Most Single Wheel Conversion Brush Trucks and Campers will operate at a very light weight relative to GCWR of comparable work-truck applications. They will also see a relatively light duty-cycle not being run 12 to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year heavy laden. All considered, most Single Wheel Conversion trucks will live an easy life. The factory 4.88:1 ratio is well within the operating parameters of this application.


Topping off the truck is an extra-wide bumper compensating for the increase in front track width. The bumper extends past the fender flares to fend off fence posts, trees, and other obstacles jumping out along the way. At the heart of the bumper are the same features found on standard Buckstop bumpers including winch mount, tow hooks or mount points, trailer receiver, latching winch access door, built-in light mounts, and several options for built-in sirens, speakers, and monitor. INCLUDED WITH BASE KIT.


The truck ends up 7-1/2” higher than stock considering suspension lift and larger tire diameter. This makes accessing the cab a challenge! Buckstop has designed a custom set of Running Board Steps for Conversion trucks that bring the rig back down to earth. The steps are both broader and lower than standard steps. After climbing in and out of the truck a few dozen times, drivers will appreciate the extra boost they get from lower steps. Steps are NFPA compliant using “Fire Tread Plate.”


Undercarriage protection is available with Radiator, Transfer Case, and Transmission Skid Pans designed to keep branches and debris from damaging the underside of the vehicle. These pieces are heavy-duty construction and fit tightly to the underside with minimal loss of ground clearance. These pieces are not included with the base kit.

Order Your Buckstop Wheel Conversion Kit

Our super single wheel conversion kits are engineered to provide every component you need to complete your dually to single wheel conversion for your Ford or Dodge truck.

Each component included in Buckstop kits is functionally integrated, providing the optimal combination for enhancing off-roading performance. From the suspension to the cut-out fender flares to the extra wide bumper to the super single wheels— Buckstop wheel conversion kits are thoughtfully manufactured for your needs.

"BUCKSTOP – no compromises"