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Bumper, Winch, and Lighting Packages for Overland Adventure

Designing an adventure vehicle is a strategic endeavor that attempts to construct the most efficient solution to a problem that can only be defined in speculation and anticipation.

A bumper system is a crucial part of the vehicle that offers protection, winch capability, and lighting to deliver you safely while out adventuring. At the same time, there is a necessary artistic and satisfying appearance to your home away from home.

Buckstop is an engineering-based company that has spent countless hours designing and crafting bumper systems to the optimal point of fit, form, and function.

Products are available in a myriad of styles and configurations for both the front and rear of the vehicle. Applications include SUVs, Vans, and trucks from half ton pick-ups through two ton big-boys.

Enter your vehicle information above to see our complete selection of vehicle applications. You can also order by email or phone 800-431-6978 to discuss your options with a bumper expert!

"The purpose of a bumper is to be able to hit a deer in Montana or a wandering burro in Baja and be able to drive away to tell about it."
- Gary Wescott, The Turtle Expedition