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Buckstop Bumper
Buckstop Bumper

Off Roading Bumpers for Deer, Brush, & Adventure

Building an adventure vehicle is a strategic game that attempts to determine the most efficient solution to a problem that can only be defined in speculation and anticipation.

A bumper system is a crucial part of the vehicle that offers protection, winch capability, and lighting to protect you while you’re out on adventures. At the same time, there is a necessary artistic and satisfying appearance to your home away from home.

Buckstop is an engineering-based company, with every part of the bumper designing and manufacturing process done in-house. We have spent countless hours designing and crafting the best bumper systems to arrive at the optimal point of fit, form, and function.

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The purpose of a bumper is to be able to hit a deer in Montana or a wandering burro in Baja and be able drive away to tell about it.”
Gary Wescott, The Turtle Expedition

Adventure Vehicle Bumper Features

Buckstop will not leave you stranded wanting for more with our brush bumpers for trucks.

Our standard off roading bumpers include:

  • Built-in Light Mounts
  • Trailer Receiver for Stinger Shackle
  • OEM Tow Hooks / Relocation Points
  • Hidden Winch Mount
  • Winch Access Door to Controls and Spool
  • License Plate Mounts
  • Air Inlets (beneficial for diesel cooling)
  • Hardware Kit
  • Installation Instructions

Additional front and rear deer bumper customizations are also available to achieve the ideal look and combination for your needs to make it through brush and terrain! Extra overland bumper features include:

Complete the look and function of your adventure vehicle with the perfect looking bumper, packed with functional features that will keep you going while you off-road.

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