Vintage Series Truck Bumpers For Classic 1960’S – 1990’S Rigs

Buckstop is proud to bring back the Classic look for older, square body, vintage trucks!

You have a vintage truck because you like the nostalgic vibe. But if you want to add a bumper and winch, what are you going to do? Old body style bumpers are hard to come by these days, like the Warn Classic or Warn Enforcer.

The Vintage Series bumper from Buckstop Truckware is your answer.

Vintage Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Jeep, and International

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Buckstop OBS Vintage Truck Bumpers

Our old body style Vintage Series bumpers are slim with perfect finesse of OBS design to look like they were born on the truck at the factory. These old truck winch bumpers are form fitted to each vehicle with curves in all the right places.

Buckstop Vintage Bumpers include a winch mount suitable for most standard winches as well as the nostalgic Warn upright 8274. The corners of the front bumpers are curved flowing into a center section with clevis shackle mounts.

Old School Bumper Functionality

Our expert designers appreciate the old school look of classic bumpers. We’re proud to offer you classic bumper options so that you can recreate that same style your Grandpa had.

Because we run all designing and manufacturing in-house, you can talk with our engineers about options for your specific vintage truck model bumper needs.

For example, bumpers can be built with a vintage style grill guard or without a grill guard depending on your preference.

A vintage style bumper from Buckstop will also include features such as winch capabilities, a hardware kit, and installation instructions to get the bumper mounted on your vintage truck.

Classic Vintage Bumper Design

Buckstop Truckware is a leading bumper manufacturer. With years of perfecting design and using the highest quality materials and technology, we are able to create the classic style with the durability of a modern build.

To create your perfect bumper, we offer several finishes are available for your vintage truck bumper, but you may want yours rusted.

Available industrial powder coat colors & finishes:

    • Standard steel gray and black
    • Black hammertone, smooth semi-gloss, mini-tex
    • Specialty colors
    • Custom clear-coat metallic colors

Vintage Vehicle Applications

Wondering if Buckstop makes a vintage style bumper for your classic vehicle?

We work with a variety of square body and old body style (OBS) rigs for Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Jeep, and International models, offering the following vintage bumper products:

  • Obs Chevy Bumpers
  • Obs Dodge Bumpers
  • Obs Ford Bumpers
  • Full-Size Vintage Jeep (FSJ) Bumpers
  • 1st Generation Vintage Truck Bumpers
  • First Generation Dodge Bumpers
  • Warn 8274 Winch Bumper
  • Warn Classic
  • Warn Enforcer

Plus, not all of our vintage series products have been uploaded to site! If you don’t see your vehicle, call us or send a message and we’ll work with you to build the perfect bumper for your classic rig.

Order Buckstop Vintage Truck Bumpers

Complete the classic, old school look for your vintage truck with a bumper and winch.

A vintage truck bumper from Buckstop Truckware will provide durable protection with modern material and technology, designed with the classic look in mind.

Explore our vintage series products, or talk with us directly about your vintage Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Jeep, or International truck.

We’ll help you achieve the perfect vintage look and function for your bumper needs.