WINCH SELECTION – Buckstop bumpers are built for most 4-1/2″ x 10″ bolt pattern winches. There is ample access to the winch controls and cable through the 28″” access opening on top of the bumper. Winches can be mounted foot down or foot forward. Buckstop offers a selection of WARN winches matched to an assortment of needs encountered by our customers. When selecting a winch, consider how often you will use it and the demands of the situation (long pulls, difficult terrain, etc). Two “”sport”” winches are offered including the popular air-compressor winch combo and the light-weight Zeon series.

These winches will NOT work: Ramsey RE Series worm drive, Superwinch Husky Series worm drive, and all Megawinch.


Big jobs, longer pulls, frequent use

  • WARN 16.5ti
    $2,499 List, $1,799 when purchased with bumper

    16,500 lb pull
    90′ cable
    3.2 ft/min line speed
    138 lbs weight

    The new WARN 16.5ti is the highest capacity, most technologically advanced truck winch in the industry today. The 16.5ti features the full diagnostic ability of WARN Thermometric technology, plus the extreme sealing, durability and reliability that the WARN ti-series of winches are known for. It’s beefed up where needed, and features a new aluminum solenoid housing cover. Not to mention 90 feet of aircraft grade, 7/16″ wire rope.

  • WARN m12,000
    $1999 List, $1499 when purchased with bumper
    12,000 lb pull
    125′ cable
    3.9 ft/min line speed
    136 lbs weight

    With a 12,000 lb rated line pull, this winch is a champion workhorse. Big torque, power and quick no-load retrieval speed is 30 ft./minute. Design is low profile, so it’ll fit where you want. And it’s powered by the all-new 4.6 hp Series Wound motor and our proven three-stage planetary gear train. With 125 ft. of 3/8″ wire rope, the M12000 can solve most any pulling problem.


Air Compressor and light-weight series

  • WARN Powerplant HD
    $2,099 List, $1,799 when purchased with bumper
    12,000 lb pull
    80′ cable
    3.6 ft/min line speed
    115 lbs weight

    AIR COMPRESSOR – The PowerPlant™ Dual Force HD has a powerful air compressor combined with a high-duty winch that lets tradesmen, farmers, and ranchers run air tools such as nail guns and impact wrenches on site. EXCLUSIVE: Buckstop is the only heavy duty bumper that fits this winch!

  • WARN Zeon 10-S
    $1,349 List, $1,299 when purchased with bumper
    10,000 lb pull
    100′ cable
    4.8 ft/min line speed
    67 lbs weight

    SAVE 69LBS! Built for the long haul with pulling capacities to 10,000lbs. Extreme sealing and corrosion-resistant finish and fasteners. WARN Spydura synthetic rope and polished aluminum hawse fairlead. Large diameter drum reduces wear on rope. New design planetary gear train and series-wound motor deliver fast, quiet, and reliable pulling power. 100’ Spydura synthetic rope.

  • WARN Zeon 12
    $1,199 List, $1,099 when purchased with bumper
    12,000 lb pull
    80′ cable
    3.1 ft/min line speed
    95 lbs weight

    A top choice for those with heavily-loaded off-road vehicles, the ZEON 12 features innovative design, increased performance and durability, steel rope, and a hefty 12,000 lb. single-line pulling capacity. Gear train and motor deliver reliable pulling power that is fast, and quieter than ever.


  • WARN INDUSTRIAL WINCHES - Hydraulic and Electric

  • WARN 8274 Jeep-style Winch