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Buckstop Chevy Heavy-duty Bumpers

A proper heavy duty bumper should be able to pack a 16,500lb winch, withstand a deer strike at 70 mph, and look good doing it!

Buckstop prides itself on building the highest quality bumper in terms of Strength, Functionality, and Styling. Competitors will have some Buckstop features, but none has ALL Buckstop features.

The design concept at Buckstop is to build a bumper that is first and foremost a useful tool – the Swiss Army Knife of bumpers. This tool kit includes protection against impact, easy winch access for those times when you really need it, trailer receiver, tow hooks, light mounts, and other custom options.

Applications for Chevrolet include Silverado 1500, 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500, 6500, Tahoe, Suburban, Top Kick, Avalanche, Blazer, and Express Van. Model years span from 1981 to current.

Buckstop is helping people on or off-road Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Working, or just having fun! Specialty segments include fire and emergency, law enforcement, fleet trucks, and Overland.

Key Features pertaining to Standard Heavy-duty Winch Bumpers

MATERIAL – Full strength. BUCKSTOP bumpers are 1/4″ steel in the primary impact zone and winch center and 3/16″ steel under the headlights. Very difficult to dent in animal strikes, very resilient in other collisions.

REMOVABLE GRILL GUARD – Serviceability. In cases where you need to service your radiator or grill, simply take of the grill guard – no need to un-wire the winch and lights and remove the entire bumper. Also, in the event of an extreme accident, the Grill Guard can be replaced without having to be cut off, re-welded, and re-painted.

WINCH ACCESS DOOR – Keep your winch out of the weather. Top access door latches, protects the winch, and gives a clean look to the truck. When using the winch, remove the Access Door for an ample 2-foot opening to get at winch controls and cable spool.

WINCH READY – Built-in mounting is provided for all standard 4½” x 10″ bolt pattern winches – face or floor mount. This covers almost all automotive winches.

RUST PREVENTION – The best you can buy – sandblast and two-coat powder. BUCKSTOP bumpers are powder coated with an industrial strength, baked-on finish. Each bumper is fully sandblasted, coated with primer powder coat, baked and pre-cured, re-shot with topcoat, and baked and cured one more time. All critical seams are welded, inside and out. An open seam is a sure place for rust to develop.

TOW HOOKS – Gotta have ’em. BUCKSTOP bumpers all have OEM “J” type tow hooks or re-located factory tow hooks. These hooks are easy to work with having plenty of clearance for attaching on a chain or tow strap and 180 degrees of pulling angle.

TRAILER RECEIVER – You never know when… Standard on all BUCKSTOP aftermarket winch bumpers. Used for carrier style winches, backing trailers into tight spots, negotiating that small boat down the ramp with your huge camper or van, attaching a flatbed trailer and using your winch to pull up the load, steps, push bars, tire carriers, the list goes on….

LIGHTS – Pick your brand. BUCKSTOP bumpers have built-in universal light mounts that will accept any brand or style of big 6″ round off road lights. Lights are mounted inside the bumper behind stylish light buckets. Accessory light bar can be added to support up to four more big lights! Additional built-in light mounting is available as well as rectangular LED mounts.

STYLING – No compromises. Careful attention has be given to the finer points of design that set your truck apart from the rest. Compact appearance, Grill Guard that follows the body lines, soft edges, superior finishing, and contours custom made for only your truck.

Enter your vehicle information above to see our complete selection of Chevrolet vehicle applications. You can also order by email or phone 800-431-6978 to discuss your options with a bumper expert!

"BUCKSTOP – no compromises"