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On a Dual Rear Wheel Truck, the front axle is roughly 12” wider than the rear axle. In order for the tires to track front to rear, the wheels or wheel mounts must compensate for the different axle widths.

There are two methods to compensate for the difference is axle widths:

WHEEL SPACERS: Wheel spacers are large machined parts that bolt to the wheel studs and extend the width of the axle. The outside face of the spacer has a second set of studs and creates a new wheel mounting surface at a width equal to the front axle. The problem is not only the expense and additional weight of the spacer, but adding more components and more bolts adds more potential to be out of balance and for failure.

OFFEST WHEELS: Offset Wheels are designed so that the front can me mounted dished inwards and the same wheel can be mounted on the rear dished outwards. With the front unsing a narrower mount and the rear using a wider mount, they track perfectly front to rear. All Buckstop F450/550/600 and Ram 4500/5550 wheel applications are direct bolt-on and do not require wheel spacers, center plates, and extra bolt circles.


SIMPLE. STRONG. SAFE.  Buckstop wheels are constructed using a Forging process in which material is heated and compressed under tons of pressure to add strength far and above the original structure.  In a simple cast wheel, molten aluminum is poured into a mold and left to cool. In the process, there is no particular grain strength of the material and a risk of porosity and weak points. Buckstop Wheels are FORGED in the USA.

Buckstop Wheels have been developed over several years going through rigorous lab testing. Throughout numerous design iterations, Finite Element Analysis, and Destructive Lab Testing, we arrived at the optimal design. Buckstop Wheels are tested for quality and design strength and have acheived the required rating needed for DOT compliance at 7390 pounds.

The Single Piece design requires NO extra bolt flanges, no wheel spacers, and no additional bolts. It is a simple, effective option for the Single Wheel Conversion. The wheels can be installed dished in or dished out and “flip” from front to rear. Tires can easily be rotated front to rear for even wear without dismounting the tire from the rim.

  • 7390lb Weight Rating
  • 20" Tire x 11" Rim Width
  • DOT Compliance markings engraved into every wheel
  • Military tire OR Light Truck tire Bead Flange (The wheel and tire bead seat must be compatible. Often times, we see the wrong tires on the wrong wheels.)
  • WEIGHT 54lbs
  • FINISH Powdercoated with Machined Aluminum Accents. Choice of Colors.

    ALUMINUM DOT Compliant Two-piece Beadlock Wheel

    D.O.T. CERTIFIED BEADLOCK - Buckstop is proud to offer the WORLD'S BEST two piece, beadlock aluminum wheel. Hutchinson brand - new, top quality and designed for military and armored vehicle applications around the globe. The internal bead-lock is an integral component of the wheel and tire safety ensuring that the tire will not dismount in the event of a puncture.

    The wheel is stamped with 7830lb weight rating and DOT compliance markings.

    This is a top-notch Beadlock wheel - none better.

    WEIGHT 90lbs

The preferred tire for Single Wheel Conversions is the 335/80R20 with 6,000 to 8,000 pound weight capacity. It has good off-road tread and can be aired down for extreme terrain. There are only a few 335/80r20 tires available on the market. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Supply is somewhat irregular because these are used by the military and their orders take precedence. Buckstop's tire supply is brand new direct to the factory - not military surplus.


Continental MPT81
The MPT 81 is the most popular tire on the market. It has great tread design for off-road traction. The tire is the narrowest of the bunch with intermediate weight capacity. Handling and balancing are excellent. Tread wear is its weak point.

Dimensions: OD 40.63" Tread Width 10.75"
Weight: 120lbs
Weight Capacity: 6780lbs at 94psi
Max Speed: 68 mph
Tread life: Reports of 15,000 to 20,000 miles
Goodyear G275 MSA
The G 275 MSA tire is preferred due to its 81mph speed rating and quiet operation. It has a large tread block designed for sand. Width is largest and weight capacity is the lightest. The Goodyear is a poor quality tire. Balancing is challenging mostly due to an out of round condition. We recommend balancing with weights, then driving 1000 miles and balancing again. Repeating may be necessary. Eventually, they will achieve stasis.

Dimensions: OD 41.4" Tread Width 12.0"
Weight: 133lbs
Weight Capacity: 6395lbs at 80psi
Max Speed: 81 mph
Tread life: Reports in excess of 50,000 miles
Michelin X Force ZL
There is less subjective user data about the Michelin, but they won significant military contracts where the others did not. Under brand new conditions, road noise is equivalent to Continental. The load rating is the highest and tread pattern similar to Goodyear. Gary Wescott of the Turtle Expedition has always used Michelin and on their current set, has put on 40,000 miles, literally, around the world. They still have tread life left. As of 2021, Michelin tires are not available and fully allocated to the military.

Dimensions: OD 40.9" Tread Width 11.6"
Weight: 131lbs
Weight Capacity: 7390lbs at 94psi
Max Speed: 68 mph
Tread life: Reports in excess of 40,000 miles