Buckstop Custom Heavy Duty Bumpers

Buckstop Truckware is the #1 source for custom made heavy-duty front bumpers, rear bumpers, single-wheel conversion kits, and push bumpers. All Buckstop products are designed, engineered, and manufactured 100% in-house, allowing us to create the perfect bumper for your needs.

Whether you need custom heavy duty bumpers for your work fleet that can withstand the toughest conditions, off-roading brush and deer bumpers for personal use or for your overland/safari adventure vehicle, or a sleek design for your show truck that is sure to impress— we offer a variety of applications from SUV’s to vans, to half tons through 1-1/2 ton trucks spanning a 35-year range.

Buckstop manufactures its own products as well products for other OEM’s and brands, for a variety of different uses and vehicle types. We are a trusted name in Fire, Emergency, & Law Enforcement departments and divisions, with bumpers that are built to handle heavy-duty situations.

Bumper Customization

In addition to a large range of applications, Buckstop offers complete customization options for you to choose the look and setup that fits your vehicle.

On top of the available bumper styles and standard features, you can create your own custom bumper with extra light mounting, custom colors, polished stainless steel, unique winch capacity, powder coat finish, custom materials, and various upgrades.

Our engineers will work with you to achieve your ideal bumper, talk with our team to discuss further options, upgrades, and accessories that can be added to customize the perfect bumper for you.

Buckstop Truckware Products

You can use our search function or speak with our team to find out more details about the products available for the particular year, make, and model of your vehicle.


Note: not all products are available for all vehicles. Use the search feature to explore which bumper models and styles are available for your truck, SUV, or van!

Heavy Duty Front Bumpers

Durable front bumpers from Buckstop Truckware are expertly designed to protect your personal or work vehicle from brush, deer, and off-road conditions.

Standard Front Bumper Features

Standard Buckstop front bumpers include winch mounts and winch access cover doors, grill/brush guards, various lighting mount options, trailer receivers, tow hooks or relocation points for OEM hooks, air inlets (especially for diesel cooling), hardware kit and installation instructions, and license plate mounts.

Buckstop bumpers come standard with everything you need to bolt-on and go. Bumper accessories such as lights and winches may be purchased separately, and work in combination with our bumper designs.

Front Bumper Models & Styles

Our front winch bumpers are thoughtfully designed to enhance the look of your truck, SUV, or van. We offer bumper options in 3 to 6 different styles, with availability depending on your vehicle.

Classic I, II, & III

The Buckstop Classic model bumpers are a customer favorite, with applications for a number of vehicles. With this style, you can add a durable, elegant bumper that offers you full protection for your vehicle’s grill, complete with Buckstop Grill Guard tubing to protect your headlights. With a number of standard Buckstop features such as winch access, light mounts, and material choices, discover why the Classic line is a mainstay of Buckstop deer bumpers!


The Buckstop Baja model bumper offers a sporty style with sleek lines that provides powerful protection for the grill and headlights of your vehicle. This alternative bumper style includes thick 2-1/2″ Buckstop Grill Guard tubing over the headlights and 3″ center tubing, designed to provide maximum defense. Standard bumper features are included with this option, as well as a variety customizable features and upgrades!


The Buckstop Outback model bumper is our strongest product, built for extreme conditions! The Outback bumper style provides robust, full protection for the grill, set apart by a 2-1/2″ to 3″ wide fabricated upright section that wraps over the face of the bumper for extra defense. Your vehicle’s headlights are also protected by sturdy 2″ tubing over the headlights and 2-1/2″ tubing across the center. This bumper style includes Buckstop standard features as well as customizable options!


The Buckstop BOSS model bumper is a beefy, bold aftermarket addition for your vehicle! With its standout fabricated center section, the strong 4″ diameter cross tube is designed for more than just looks with a 5″ x 6″ bumper base for serious protection. The BOSS bumper includes standard Buckstop bumper features and additional customizations can be added to complete this bold look!

No Grill Guard Tubing

If you’d prefer a clean look that still offers protection for your vehicle, Buckstop bumpers are offered without any grill guard tubing above the base bumper. This simpler option still provides our essential standard bumper features such as a winch access door, recessed lighting mounts, tow hooks, & more!

Rear Bumpers

The Buckstop Rear bumper is an extremely durable aftermarket addition to your vehicle, engineered for fit and function. The Buckstop rear bumper is offered in 2 styles:

Standard Rear Bumper

A durable rear bumper that maintains the OEM hitch. At roughly 3 times thicker than the factory bumper and constructed from 3/16″ steel, the Buckstop standard rear bumper is a strong and sleek addition to your vehicle. It is clean-lined and sized very closely to stock. The OEM trailer hitch assembly is not affected by the new bumper and stays in place.

The standard rear bumper package includes everything necessary to convert from an OEM rear bumper (with no welding or drilling required to install). Features include light openings, tread plate, license plate mount, and provisions for OEM license plate lights and trailer plug as necessary.

Extreme-Duty Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier

Our Extreme-Duty Rear bumper replaces your vehicle’s OEM bumper and tow hitch. With this strong, heavy duty bumper, ground clearance and departure angle are increased due to the built-in hitch and elimination of the low-hanging OEM hitch.

The rear bumper is available with rear tire carrier and/or rear hidden winch mount.

Our package requires no welding or drilling to install, and it includes everything needed to convert from your OEM rear bumper as well as a trailer receiver, license plate mount, license plate lights, trailer electrical plug mount, one-hand operation slam-shut latch.

Material, color, and lighting options are also available for Buckstop rear bumpers so that you can create your perfect rear bumper!

Push Bumpers

The Buckstop Push Bumper is a specialty bumper designed for pushing other vehicles. This bumper has large flat surfaces, sits low to the ground, and is wrapped with abrasion resistant plastic sheeting.

Buckstop push bumpers include everything necessary to bolt-on and go with standard features such as a recessed flush hidden winch mount, UHMW plastic cover, “J” hooks, “D” ring hooks, hardware kit, and installation instructions.

Single Wheel Conversion Kit

Buckstop offers a full kit to replace 6 dually wheels with 4 single tires. This conversion is designed for high weight capacity trucks, improving off-road traction while maintaining weight carrying capacity. Discover how our single wheel conversion kit can enhance your vehicle’s functionality!

Truck Accessories

Our customized truck, SUV, and van bumpers are designed to work in combination with a number of accessories.

When discussing your bumper options with our team, consider adding upgrades such as additional light mounting, grill guard mounting, winches, block-off plates, and more!

Order Custom Heavy Duty Bumpers

Buckstop Truckware offers a wide selection of thoughtfully engineered custom heavy duty bumpers, designed and manufactured by our in-house team to increase functionality and service life of your vehicle.

Buckstop bumpers provide protection and durability for a variety of uses, as well as give your vehicle a clean, finished look.

Shop our available products by model or use and/or talk with our bumper experts to create exactly what you’re looking for!