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Buckstop Single Wheel Conversion Kit

Soft terrain, heavy trucks, and stiff, narrow tires is a sinking combination!

Improve your functionality by converting your dually to a single wheel for optimal performance. Super single wheels offer greater off-road traction and performance without compromising weight carrying capacity of your Ford or Dodge truck.

Single Wheel, Single Source

Our expertly engineered single wheel conversion kit eliminates dual rear wheels (DRW) and replaces them with single tires.

This wheel conversion enhances off-road traction and handling while maintaining full Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) capacity.

Convert Your Dually to Single Wheel

Super singles for pickup trucks will boost your off-road capabilities. Discover how our comprehensive wheel conversion kits include absolutely everything you need to complete your DRW to SRW conversion.

Order Your Buckstop Wheel Conversion Kit

Our super single wheel conversion kits are engineered to provide every component you need to complete your dually to single wheel conversion for your Ford or Dodge truck.

Each component included in Buckstop kits is functionally integrated, providing the optimal combination for enhancing off-roading performance. From the suspension to the cut-out fender flares to the extra wide bumper to the super single wheels— Buckstop wheel conversion kits are thoughtfully manufactured for your needs.

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Buckstop Kit Features

Single wheel conversion kits from Buckstop Truckware are engineered specifically to provide everything you need to improve performance and maintain functionality. Kits include the following features:

        • High-Quality Tires
          Our kits feature premium 41” radial tires with 6700-pound capacity each. Our tires are bigger, durable tires suited for the toughest off-roading conditions.
        • Heavy Duty Wheels
          The conversion kits utilize durable Buckstop wheels that are reversible and interchangeable from front to rear to allow for proper tire rotation. The track width is roughly 92″ at the outside, and is consistent from the front to the rear of the truck.
        • Ideal Suspension Lift
          Clearance for the bigger tires in Buckstop kits is achieved in part with only 3” of suspension lift, which includes replacement coils and radius arms. This keeps the center of gravity at an absolute minimum.
        • Fender Flares
          Large cut-out fender flares are an essential part of our expertly engineered kit, accounting for tire clearance by providing complete tire coverage from road spray. The included fender flares will replace and cover parts of the body that are cut away for tire clearance.
        • Body Modification Kit to Maintain OEM Functionality
          When comparing our wheel conversion kits to others available you’ll find that our components prioritize your truck’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) functionality, offering you the best combination for off-roading conditions. Our custom engineered kit ensures each component is integrated to achieve as close to OEM structure as possible while converting from dual rear wheels to four single tires.
        • Extra Wide Bumper
          Our wheel conversion kit is complete with an extra wide bumper, custom designed to fit the body modifications made during the super single wheel conversion.
        • Everything You Need
          Our kits include every item necessary to convert your dually truck to a single wheel setup. With just 1 order, you’ll have everything you need for your wheel conversion.